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Explore All Axie Transactions 
At Your Fingertips

With over 11 million Axies currently in the marketplace, it’s impossible to spot how the market is moving.

"We use the sales tool of VicTree everyday to check what is really going on in Axie marketplace. Until now, we couldn't track the real value of our axies.

Thanks to VicTree we can see real-time accurate data of all the sales, which helps us make better decisions in our breeding and competitive teams in Axie"

- Top 10 breeder and head of a top 100 leaderboard e-sports team

With An Intuitive UI, Spot Trends In Prices, Volume, And Builds So
You Stay Ahead Of The Competition.

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Identify market movements and buy/sell Axies before they become popular on the leaderboard and the rest of the herd catches on.

Our pre-loaded filters allow you

to quickly gain actionable insight with no adjustments needed.  

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Customize your search to analyze any timeframes, price thresholds, and body characteristics.

Our premium tool will give you the data you need to make better, faster, and more educated decisions.


Whether you’re a collector, a leaderboard player, or a breeder, VicTree Sales Explorer is a must-have to crack the meta and elevate your game to the next level!



Search by increasing prices and sales quantity over any timeframe.



See price trends for Axies you’re breeding or considering breeding.



Want to see the price history for a specific Japanese part?



Profit by viewing previous prices so you can confidently purchase and resell. 

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