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3/10/23, 8:45 PM

VicTree Metrics Walkthrough

Have you ever wanted to find better deals on the Axie Marketplace but not know where to begin?

Here's how you can save 💰and ensure you're getting strong Axies!

In this example, I'll show you how to: -Identify trending Axies -Setup filters to find what you like -Get a good deal.

Step 1) Identify Trending Axies I go to and after logging in (or signing up) I click Metrics and "top 5 by return". I look at the Axies (with sales volume) that are going up in price the most. Scrolling through them, I notice this plant with Rosa ears.

Historical Axie Pricing Trend Metrics

Historical Axie Pricing Trend Metrics Top 5

I've heard Rosa got upgraded and now can put to sleep two enemies at once. What Rosa plant should I pursue?

2) Setup my Filters: I click "create your own" to begin customizing my view. This is the premium section of our website that provides the most value and is free for anyone to try out. Thank you to our subscribers that have signed up for unlimited access and supporting our site!

Create own metrics axie pricing filters

I want to see what I'm working with first. I set the sorting function to "highest avg price". Change class to show only Plants. Keep the lookback window at 7 days. Decrease # of sales in past 7 days to 3 sales. Results must include Rosa ear part.

Rosa Axie filtering

First result is a plant that has sales volume, and is within my budget at a last sold price of a little over $4. I'm intrigued. What's it going for now?

Plant Axie metrics trend line historical

3) Get a Good Deal I head over to and I enter in the filters for what I think are the most important parts I want to keep. I find an identical match to my previous search listed at a price of $2.81, over $1 off the previous sold price.

Axie marketplace

I scroll down, checking on how many are available. 15 Axies later, I see a duplicate at nearly $1 more, or 30% more. If this was a higher priced Axie it may be worth the attempt to flip, but that's not what I'm looking to do now.

Axie marketplace

I examine the other Axies on the page, notice herbivore is popular. I head to teamvictree "create your own" and add the condition that the mouth must be herbivore. Apply. I learn that no Axies over the past 7 days with Rosa and Herbivore mouth have sold >3 times.

Now the picture is becoming clear to me. There are a lot of listed Rosa axies with Herbivore, at the lowest Rosa part price, that are not selling. THAT is why the Axie marketplace is flooded with them at the lowest prices.

What do I do? Purchase the Rosa/Bidens/Hotbutt plant initially circled for <3 dollars. I KNOW now that if I don't like it: 1) The Axie has demand (has sales volume) AND 2)The next one is priced $1 higher so I can easily resell without taking a loss. I have confidence!

If you blindly buy and sell Axies on the marketplace without knowing previous history of sales, you can overpay or get stuck with undesirable Axies. Don't let this happen to you! We built to help empower gamers like yourself. Sign up for free today!

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