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2/21/23, 11:00 PM

Contributor: @smartalecc5

Valentine's Day Contest Recap

Valentine's Day Event Recap!

It's been a few days since the most recent Valentines Day event concluded in @AxieInfinity.

The event primarily focused on playing Axie frequently to move up the leaderboard! Contest points were also awarded for breeding, releasing, and gifting Axies!

Nearly 40,000 battlers competed for the top prizes of special cosmetic badges, moonshards, and moon dust (used to craft rarer items)! Congrats to @Axie_Kings on the win!

Even with the focus of the event on rewarding players for playing the game, the event also rewarded players for breeding! It made a marginal yet positive impact. There were about 3,300 Axies bred during the event. That's 100 more than the preceding four days before the event!

These additional 100 Axies represents a minimum of 50 AXS sent to the treasury and 180,000 SLP burned. Even with no monetary rewards awarded, over $1,000 ($500 AXS & $600 of SLP) were removed from circulation. That doesn't even include Axies that were released!

During this event, about 1,577 Axies were released! The first live ops event, called Lunacian stocking stuffers, started two months ago on Dec 20. Since then? 84,155 Axies have been released!

The #AxieInfinity community is strong! We're on pace for just over a half a million released Axies in a full year, if we use the releasing rate from the past two months.

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