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4/10/23, 8:35 PM

Topaz On Top With 8 Days Left in S3!

"Topaz" currently sits atop the @AxieInfinity
leaderboard, on
@RIsyA_Axie's team.

Let's take a look at Topaz Axies and see if they're right for you!

"Topaz" currently sits atop the @AxieInfinity leaderboard, on @RIsyA_Axie's team.

Topaz is an eye card that deals scaling damage the more cards that are in your banish pile.

Let's take a look at Topaz Axies and see if they're right for you!


Among the top of the leaderboard, Topaz is frequently paired with "Innocent Lamb" ear card.

This can double the amount of Topaz (or other skill/secret card) in your deck.

Of the Top 10 highest selling price Topaz/IL Axies, the classes break into:

Mech: 30%

Aqua: 30%

Bug: 20%

Interestingly, all of these Axies have an energy related card on the tail.

80% have Nimo tail, and the other 20% has cottontail.

It seems that energy ramping may be important with this type of build!

If you're a whale, you can afford this most expensive Mech - most recently selling for around $450.

Only six exist, and none are for sale at the time of this tweet.


The good news is that besides the above Axie, all other combinations are selling below $200.

Below, these three Axies all have recent sales volume and have sold between $180-$200.

Only two listed of this bug with a floor price of $273.

This mech last sold for $188 two days ago, and only one exists for sale now.

A garish worm/pincer combo...

Listed for $100 more than last purchased at $280 now.

Of the Axies mentioned so far, this is the most affordable and available so far, with a listed price of $166 now.

Only two are available!


Ok, that's great and all but you and I may not be too interested (or able!) to splurge $200 on one meta Axie.

You'd need to place top 350 on the leaderboard to break even on one of those Axies.

Let's use our platform to find some more affordable Topaz/Lamb combos!

This beast sold for $4 on April 1, and most recently sold 3 days ago for $45.

Notice the energy tail... cottontail. Seems to be a common theme with these Axies!

None listed tho... may need to submit an offer today to get this single-toothed cutie!

Staying right around $50, this AOE Dawn axie most recently sold three days ago for $86 three days ago.

Many on the market now at a $30 discount... $55 will get you this Dawn today!

Next, I changed the filter to show the highest volume of Axie sales that have our two desired parts.

Typically, when theres a lot of supply of an Axie, the prices tend to be more affordable.

Thirteen sold past week, most recently for $40 two days ago.

Both of these have 10+ sales in past week and are less than $40 currently.

Four of these aquas on sale for as low as $36 now (last sold for $29 yesterday)

Four of these dusks on sale for as low as $28 now (last sold for $31 five days ago)

Thanks for reading!

In close, while the supreme Meta Axies may be priced too richly, using to find similar Axies that are at a much more affordable price point can help you climb the leaderboard - without needing to chase the expensive Meta!

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