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11/7/22, 5:00 PM

Supply Side of Axie S1

Let's take a look at which axies and parts are most commonly being breed. Axie is a unique economy with both supply and demand side influences

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For this analysis we only looked axie's with IDs greater than 10,000,000 and sold after 10/25/2022

Unsurprisingly, beast was the most breed class and it wasnt even close - making up 36% of all new axies sold. Plant was 2nd (16%) and Aquatic was 3rd (13%)

Here is the breakdown by price ranges as well!

Looking over the past 8 days, the sales volume of new beasts has been going down. This makes sense as we near the end of the season, players are less willing to buy a build the may potentiall be nerf'ed in season 2

Likewise with the price, we are seeing a slowly declining pricetrend line

To wrap it up, here are the parts the were most commonly breed and sold (again, this is only for axies with ID over 10,000,000 and since 10/25/2022)

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