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3/13/23, 11:00 PM

Start of Season 3 Analysis

Season 3 of Axie Infinity has been live for one week! 💪

We've reviewed the trending Axies on our platform and here's some of our takeaways: 🧐👇

We are in the "Rare" Era.🐢

Beasts and birds are the most popular thus far. Of the top 10 trending Axies, 4 are beasts and 3 are birds. I think its because their runes are strongest for this Era, they're common, and affordable!

The beasts have seen a new part emerge on them.... SEASLUG! Take a look at this beast. It was under $10 a week ago, and is now selling for over $60 just a few days later!

Axie Beast Seaslug Season 3 Origins

Axie Beast Seaslug Season 3 Origins Price Analysis Historical Trend Metric

Here's another example. Seaslug beast, this one with Goda mouth, but otherwise unchanged. There are none of these available for sale at the time of this post! Sold for $10 on the 7th... it's now worth over $90!

Axie Beast Seaslug Season 3 Origins

Historical price analysis Axie Infinity Season 3

Top Bird Here's an AOE bird with the typical earwing/wing horn/granmas fan that was an average bird before the season started. Only $15 on March 2nd, this birb most recently sold on the 11th for $150. You can buy it now on the marketplace for... $241

 AOE Bird Earwing / Wing Horn/ Granmas Fan High Return

 AOE Bird Earwing / Wing Horn/ Granmas Fan Axie Marketplace

Other quick observations:

  • AOE builds are still the most expensive

  • Reptile poison build with grass snake went from $6 -> $28

  • Poison builds are trending in Bugs

  • All the most expensive aquas are double nimo with piranha

  • Top mechs are either poison or tassels shield builds

Thanks for reading! Have you seen any of these mentioned axies in the arena? How'd they do? Will they still be strong in the next Era? Let us know!

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