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11/21/22, 5:00 PM


Special Report: Body Type Edition

@AxieInfinity cuties alert!!!

Quick tweet thread on notable sales using specific body type filter since the beginning of the month.

Big Yaks, Sumos, and Frostys... OH MY!

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This CHONKER sumo found a new owner on Nov 13 for $162. It's a flip by DukotAmoy, purchased for $106 just four days ago. Axie ID 11570685.

Ok, who is this flipper? I dont know.. moving on....

Largest WET DOG body type sale? This AOE beast. Axie ID 11562483 sold by Dc:Franz#2608 to Pewpewpew for $240 on November 5.

Largest @BigYakAxieClub Big Yak sale? This big dude sold for $448 on Nov 9 to Skull from master bug breeder Huru. Axie ID 11557201

One Frosty sale this month in total, Axie ID 139038 sold to Axieology from The_OG. Sold for $1152. How beautiful!

I really like Axieology (anyone know the twitter handle?). A Frosty collector it seems. S/he also names the collectible Axies. How awesome is that?

...and because I really love Big Yaks here's the info on them over past two weeks. It appears they do have a slight price premium over normal looking Axies.

Super simple, filterable Axie information. DM me (@smartalecc5) or fill out early sign up form at if interested in exploring this information yourself!

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