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11/29/22, 10:00 PM


Special Event: Plantstravaganza!

About a week ago
@AxieInfinity launched a live ops event led by @ZoserSM - called Plantstravaganza!

It's thyme to check in and see how the event has performed!

Spoiler alert: Pretty darn good!

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The event incentivizes buying and also releasing plant Axies. Did this event increase plant sales?

It did!

2,597 plants were sold on the day the event released, more than double the amount sold in most previous days.

45% of all Axies purchased on the day the event launched were plants! Compared to previous days, this represents an additional 2,500+ plant Axies that would not have been otherwise purchased.

Using the average selling price of $3.43 for plants on Nov 24th & 25th, this generated an extra inflow of $270 to the treasury through marketplace fees.

So we saw increased marketplace volume that increased volumes and inflows to treasury. It's working!

How about releasing?

As of today over 3,700 Axies have been released during the event. Not only does this represent an approximate $13,000 of Axies released, but it also limits those Axies from being able to be used to generate future earnings and slightly reduces the Axie supply.

Marketplace activity up. Releasing being utilized. But what about the prizes being rewarded? Is it a net positive?

The top 500 on the contest leaderboard earn in-game stickers and SLP. 750,000 SLP, or about $5,000 USD, is the total amount injected (inflationary) into the supply. Stickers are "free" and a cosmetic upgrade to the playing experience!

Referencing the current mint and burn rates for SLP on (a great resource!), we can see that there is a net burn of million+ of SLP every single day!

So to recap this live event that is not even finished yet, @ZoserSM and team has:

Increased plant sales by ~$5,000

Increased treasury inflows by ~$270

Decreased supply of Axies (good for economy) by 3,700+ axies

All for the cost of less than a single days burn of SLP!

All of this is possible to compute thanks to the platform we've built for players like you at

If you found this helpful, please sign up for free on the website and share this with your friends!

For more of this type of information - join us in our Discord and we can quickly onboard you!

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