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9/22/22, 2:00 AM

Runes and Charms S1 Minting

Axie Infinity runes and charms for the current season went live within the last 24 hours and we're here to share some insights on the marketplace activity for S1 runes! The average selling price of all runes for the past 24 hours averaged between $7-$8.

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There's been about 650 S1 runes sold within the past 24 hours. Not surprisingly, nearly all of them have been of the "Rare" rarity level. This makes sense as it takes time (and luck) to craft Epic and Mystic runes. 97% of purchased runes within past day were Rares.

2 Mystics, 37 Epics, and 610 Rare runes. It will be interesting to see how this composition of sales changes over time. I'd say we can realistically expect more mystics and epics are sold over time, as they become minted and sold.

Looking into the data by class of runes, Neutrals have the most sales activity, followed by beasts, aquatics, and plants respectively.

Looking deeper to see what is the most popular with players right now, Pangolin Scale (beast) and pure power and pure skill (both neutrals) round out the top 3 by sales volume. Pangolin Scale accounted for nearly 10% of all Rune sales!

There is an expected S1 rebalancing patch in about a week, it will be interesting to see what may get debuffed (or buffed). Clearly, Pangolin Scale is a fan favorite as it is used throughout the leaderboards with Beast builds!!!

Looking at sales by the highest prices, Epics and mystics clearly lead the way. Highest sale prices were for Ravens Tactic (Epic), Feather Descend (Mystic),Shady Exchange, and Bloodlust (epic).

With lower sales volume of Epics & Mystics, its not surprising the sales range for these are quite narrow with the max range for these highest priced items at about .03 ETH. The next tweet shows the data on the highest priced rune sales of past ~24 hrs.

I'm also going to include runes by class data for the data curious folks if you're eyeing a specific rune on the marketplace!

Beast Runes:










Lastly, we wanted to look at how price change may change once a new season starts. These are two high volume runes that see a noticeable uptick in price when the charm is purchased for use, rather than disenchantment. Shady Exchange and Pangolin Scale nearly doubled in price.

Let us know in Discord if this was helpful or if you have any questions on the data! I hope this was an enjoyable read :)

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