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11/3/22, 1:00 PM

Rise & Grind Resources

Here are three gamerz adding content:

- @wack0prophe7 - top notch stories and lore
- @CalivilleSlug - hosting legit tournaments
- @BigYakAxieClub - player resources and open-for-all competitive play

Sign up at - When times are tough, hug some fluff! Welcome to the BigYak Axie Club, home to Axie Infinity enthusiast. This group has a great resource page for all players. They are about to kick off a 3-week, slow format scrims then a king of the hill finals with $20USD for first place. Discord:

@CalivilleSlug + @SlugFestAcademy - FOCUS. RESILIENCE. INTEGRITY - SFA has been an OG guild and tournament host since day 1 - pioneering the "everyone who wins, wins, model". Check out their 32 player Axie Showdown III event at

@wack0prophe7/ - On halloween published a literary piece on Original Sid - A dark tale. Give him a read (on twitter) and a follow

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