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1/5/23, 5:00 PM

Pre-Season 2 Trends - Birds

Let's see what's been going on with those pesky yellow Kotaro eyes and the Doubletalk bird beak!

Kotaro Eyes: One of the most liquid (frequently purchased) is actually a DAWN! That's the rarest class Seven have sold in past week, with an average price around $12. Current floor is currently double that - $25. Only 8 listed. Prices going up!


The most expensive Kotaro eye Axie is this bird... which most recently sold for about $40. Current floor price is $56. Only one listing separates this Axie from being $56 to jumping up to $125.

Interestingly, all those listed are new breeds with IDs over 11,500,000. #BreedEm


Craziest flip? Congrats to this Lunacian! A wildly successful flip occurred on this Axie. Purchased for $2.50, sold the same day for $19.


Time for time for Double Talk (was that funny?)! Most purchased build? It's your classic V2 pigeon post and post-fight bird selling for less than $3.


What are people paying more and more for? I clicked "highest return" in the app and here is what is trending up! This bird with Doubletalk/Kestrel/Raven sold for $4 last week, and sold for $18. The pictured Aqua sold for $2 a week ago, and now is only available for $10+.


The highest priced doubletalk available is the bird shown above. For curiosity sakes, the most expensive doubletalk and Kotaro Eye Axie sold recently? Only three exist, and two are for sale. One is $19, the other is $69. One was sold on Dec 30 for $50.

User FranRLZ is NOT pleased with his purchase from 4 days ago! Bought it for $50 a few days ago, and listing it at a 75% loss now.

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