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9/29/22, 5:00 PM

Portfolio Stats - Plants

Curious how your Axie portfolio stacks up against other top professionals (not just leaderboard, but guilds, breeders, traders, etc.)?

Do you follow the trends, or try and fade the popular builds to get an advantage?

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Plant is the most popular class, comprising an average of 26% of peoples holdings, followed by Aquatic. We will focus on Plants today - analysis by part below

Horn is dominated by Cactus (41% of Plant axies have this part) with Beech being the second most popular part (but only on 12.7% of axies)

Pumpkin is the most popular Back part and Serious is the most popular Mouth

For Eyes, players are gravitating towards Papi and Confused. And for Tail the preference is Carrot & Hot Butt

Ears are the interesting outlier as the part is fairly well distributed.

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