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11/18/22, 5:00 PM

Contributor: @smartalecc5

Most Liquid Day in the Marketplace

Let's say you want to sell your Axie on the marketplace for a RUSH SALE!

Is there a best day to sell your Axie when the most amount of buying demand occurs?

Let's investigate using our TeamVicTree Sales Explorer!

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I wanted to look back to see if there were certain days of the week that had more activity than other days since Oct 1 to see if any patterns emerged.

Digging a little deeper I looked at each day of the week. This graph now includes lowest count of axie sales (Min - yellow bars) and the highest amount of axies sales (Max - Blue bars) that happened sorted by day.

How did the marketplace ebb and flow as the season went on? In general, the marketplace volume showed decreasing volume over the last six weeks of S1. This graph looks at total # of sales (as opposed to average selling prices.)

Next we look at the average selling price by date over the past six weeks (in USD - not ETH). Prices are pretty stable, supporting my theory that Axies value is derived from USD worth and not ETH prices.

So in conclusion, it looks like during the middle of the week, Wednesday has the least amount of Axies being purchased. Sunday and Thursday are the 2nd and 3rd lowest volumes, respectively. Most buying activity is on Monday and Friday!

Keeping in line with other insights I've posted, prices for meta Axies peak early in the season and become more affordable with decreasing prices as the season nears a close.

I'm not entirely sure if this is a large enough data set to conclude there is a "best" day to sell an Axie... but we have to start somewhere! I can't wait to share insights when the meta is updated for Season 2 and I'll be here to share it all!

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