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1/9/23, 5:00 PM

Meta Build - Perch Back

So you want to build a team around the Perch back?

Let others do the research for you.

Use our Axie sales explorer to see in just a few seconds what's popular and trending up!

To do this and any other analysis just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Metrics

  2. Click "create your own"

  3. Under back cards, click the "perch" card to filter the results & click Apply

  4. Choose your filter and view the results!

axie metrics price analysis

axie customize filters victree metrics

metrics analysis victree premium axie infinity

The most frequently purchased Axie with the perch back is a play to quickly gain energy fragments and unleash them with Perch. 11 Sales in past week of this guy at an average price between $15-$20.

axie perch back energy gain

axie perch marketplace analysis

If you're looking for a more budget friendly perch back aqua to build around, the below Aqua is the 3rd most sold Perch Axie. The main difference is the ears switch from Nimo --> Inkling and Lam --> Risky Fish. All nine of these sold for below $5!

axie perch aqua risky fish inkling

axie perch metrics analysis victree

And the highest "returning" Axie? This view displays what has appreciated in price the most during the last week (by %). This Aqua could be had for $8-$13 a few days ago... and now is selling for over $60!!

axie perch high return value marketplace

axie perch high return ROI victree

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