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10/10/22, 4:00 PM

Leaderboard Builds

Have you ever wanted to play with the same team as those on top of the Axie leaderboard?

Wondering how much it would cost you to buy them on the marketplace?

A look into three teams in the top 25 and the possible return a skilled player could earn...

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On top of the leaderboard is a triple beast team repped by chani_chan. Looking at previous sales and current marketplace prices the value of those axies is $558. Total rune values are $2005. Total build value of $2,563!

In second place currently is x I O x. The Axies are valued at $1,100 and the runes are valued at $1,867. Total build valued at $1,876.

And then I wanted to take a look at the 24th place team composition played by XC. The three Axies are valued at $233 and the runes can be obtained for $36.

Just to make a point clear, I didn't factor in the prices of charms that the player uses, and perhaps more importantly, the skill of the player. However, this shows that a $2,563 "investment" into the game could *potentially* earn a first place prize worth approximately $84,000.

Prices will inevitably change as breeders breed the new meta, new "counter teams emerge", and more runes and charms are minted and sold. Regardless a first place team could yield an ROI of 3292%, while a much more affordable team in 24th place could earn a 1500% ROI!

Not too shabby for playing a fun videogame!!

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