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10/26/22, 4:00 PM

Hidden Gems 4

Let us check in on some poison builds that are in demand in the Axie Arena! 🧐

Some poison reptiles were selling for $20 a week ago.... now?

$60 each!

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Highest price appreciation for any green thorns back axie over the past week are these reptiles with these 6/6 parts. Below is the current floor axie listed with these parts.

Two were sold just 7 days ago for $18 The price has been rising ever since, with these reptile poison axies going up in price over 200% over the past week. Hmmmm....

If you wanted the above axie in DUSK class, you will be spending over $300/axie. Ouch. That being said, pairing it with the Malediction rune for 15% bonus damage on debuffed (likely poisoned) enemies for just $4 will stack on the damage!

Other popular and in-demand builds are the dusk with the gila tail and the reptile with wall gecko tail. The dusk build is up 30% in price over the past week, and the poison reptile with wall gecko is up 22%. The dusk build will set you back about.....

To be continued...

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