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10/4/22, 5:00 PM

Hidden Gems 1

$297. That's the average selling price of Axies that have three specific synergistic parts.

Can you guess what those three parts are?

I'm Confident you'll learn from this tweet thread as we look at a Little subsection of Axie sales from the past few days!

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There's been about 390 axies sold and purchased that have the CONFIDENT mouth part since the beginning of the month. We know these are all the Rage currently with many of the top leaderboard players playing and winning with rage teams.

The average price of all axies sold over the past few days with Confident mouth is $71. That's right, if you have any axie in your account with Confident, it could be worth $70+. The median sales price was $43.

So what other parts besides Confident are the most desirable? To figure this out, we looked at the top 20 highest priced sales that included the Confident mouth part. Amazingly, ALL of the top 20 sales include the part LITTLE PEAS!

The top 20 meta Confident axies sold for an average price of $297, with the most expensive one selling for $390.

The other common parts that sold for big dollars besides little peas is (in order): Ronin, Innocent Lamb, Eggshell, Cottontail.

The magic combination and answer from the first tweet is: Confident Little Peas Ronin. The average selling price for those three parts is $297!

And a bonus peek at the top 10 Axie sales over the past few days! There's three Dawns in there... are they going to finally get some love?

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