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10/7/22, 4:00 PM

Hidden Gems - God Reptiles

Remember the "god reptiles"?

Let's take a look at these once infamous Axies and how the marketplace activity is stacking up for them.

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All of the combinations mentioned below have the following four parts: Scaly Spoon Horn Indian Star Back Kotaro Mouth Tiny Dino Tail

Over the past week, there's been about 96 god reptiles sold at an average price of $24.20. Certain combinations have more synergy and are commanding a premium over their inferior counterparts.

The highest volume combination goes to Scar (0 cost and pushes card to top of draw pile) for the eyes and Curved Spine (applies bleed) with 32 sales at an average price of $25.

The price is stable and the trendline is flat. Expect to pay around $25 for this Axie. In fact, there are currently 40 listed on the marketplace and the floor is $24.

It's nice when the data and real life marketplace matches. Scooping this axie at $13 or $10.8, as two people did this week, makes for an easy and low risk ~$12+ flip in profit.

The second build has Scar Eyes and Pogona Ears, and routinely sells for less than its counterparts. The marketplace is flooded with these with 158 listed and has an average selling price of $10.

Interestingly enough, the trendline is pointing higher. Is there noise in this signal? Typically, having a high volume listed for sale leads to downward price pressure. With 158 listed, the current floor in the marketplace is $10, which matches the average selling price.

The third build has the highest average selling price with Topaz eyes and curved spine ears at $41.

However, buyer beware. If you're looking to play with this Axie, it may become cheaper in short time. Prices have been decreasing. There's 31 listed now with the floor price at $30, 25% less than its average selling price over the last week.

The last combination we looked at is Tricky Eyes and Curved Spine ears. There's been 19 sales for an average price of $24.

Trendline is relatively stable right with most sales coming in around $24-$25. There's currently 53 listed with a floor price of $24, which spot-on matches the average selling price over the past week.

Armed with real data on historical sales and volume allows players (or flippers, or investors) to:

1) Identify a good "deal" on the marketplace;

2) Ensures you don't overpay for an Axie you want;

3) Sellers can list in a fair and tighter range saving "auction time";

4) Allows for "flipping" and reduces selling risk

As a value-add to our community, if you want us to track any build that you're interested in and get free notifications like we did in this thread, we can do that for you! Just ask! Think of it like being the Axie Ouchie-Bot... but for the assets you care most about!

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