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2/23/23, 6:00 PM

Contributor: @smartalecc5

End of Season 2 Off Season Report

Swirls and Old Meta facing sharp declines and other insights!

The offseason has arrived. Let us show you some current trends in the Axie Marketplace from the past few days!

1) Swirl

After the card change released has seen the aggregate value of all Swirl comps fall by about 75% In fact - none of the top 5 highest priced Swirl builds has had one buyer in the past two days.

2) Earwing

Is AOE on the way out?

Prices are down 50% on average for Axies that have an earwing part over the past four days. Volume is down 50% as well.

3) Rosa

Prices have nearly doubled over past few days for the Rosa ear part. Volume up 100% yesterday from just a few days ago.

All - Prices Down.

Axies In the offseason, it is common to see prices and volume decline as you can see below. Even hours and days after a season ends dramatically impacts your former Meta Axies' value. It makes sense to not sell your Axies in the offseason. There are simply less buyers!

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