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11/1/22, 4:00 PM

Budget Builds 3

A valid criticism of Axie is that top teams are too expensive - dare we say "Pay to Win" 😱

Beast / Bug / Plant (imposter w/ beast parts) - costs well over $600 (before runes & charms)

But if you look a little closer, you can build a similar team at a fraction of the cost

Sign up at

The meta Beast is Little Peas / Belieber / Ronin / Axie Kiss / Little Branch / Shiba Substitute the Shiba tail with Hare and the price declines from over $200 to ~$40

Or swap out the Ronin back with Risky Beast and you are looking at ~$25

Join our discord and say hi to see the discount builds for the Bug and Imposter Plant.

Let us know if you would like us to feature your content - we have over 20k active and engaged users to distribute to!

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