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10/18/22, 4:00 PM

Contributor: @zioaxie

Budget Axie Builds 1

To build upon our community member's @zioaxie post on beginning/budget builds, I thought we could take a look at answering one of the hardest questions for new players...

"Ok I want to play and buy a few axies... but which ones?"

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For reference to the tweet by @zioaxie (

Just like when I was beginning, watching outdated videos from last season yield nearly all startup buying guides obsolete quickly. What if there was a way to find out what's popular, trending, and affordable..... *right now* AND at any time in the future?

To start, look at Axies that aren't terrible (there may be a reason they are at the min price)... but also that aren't too expensive. We want to try the game without spending a fortune!! Using our tool, let's set our minimum price at $4 and our maximum price at $10.

Mixing classes may be confusing... and we've heard about "sustain" teams... so let's check out plants!!

Looking at Axies from the past week that are plants that are "trending up" and have sales volume (demand!) we see the following four Axies:

There's a lot going on but we see some commonalities! Ears are all leafy or Sakura Eyes are papi Horn is rose bud/beech/cactus Mouth is serious Tail is carrot or hot butt Back is pumpkin The top build with our parameters looks like this and is currently listed for $9:

I'd suggest picking out three axies on the marketplace with those parts (mix and matching is OK!)... and soon you'll be climbing the ranks! Low budget and high conviction backed by demand data... now we're talking!!!

This is just one example!! There are two more budget builds with beasts and aquas using this info in our discord at

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