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1/5/23, 9:45 PM

Contributor: @AxieMetaWatch

Breeding Update

Decided to check out @AxieMetaWatch to see what people are breeding.

Matched it up with the VicTree Sales Explorer.

How will prices change as new Axies are bred?

Looking at the birds it appears the triple Owls is trending, which makes sense as they have synergy. On a whole, triple Owls, has been dropping in price with sparse volume.

The most expensive 3x Owl is with Eggshell, Feather Fan, & Cupid, selling for $57.

Looking into the Mechs the most bred parts are: Gecko/Scaly Spoon/Indian Star/Tassels/Silence Whisper/Ant.

Interestingly, NO mech Axies with those parts have been sold in the past week.

Two on the marketplace with floor price of $180. I expect this builds price to come down.

Just put together a quick thread on just two classes. I expect bird builds and the mech build to be coming down in price over the following days and weeks.

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