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Axie Infinity




Axie Infinity is a Ronin deck-based team battler, where players collect Axies - fierce creatures with varying sets of skills - and use them to battle other players in turn-based battles.

Gamer Resources

This link while last updated in Sep 2020, it does a great job of explaining the theory of breeding strategy.

See the top players across Axie Infinity

This shows all land items currently available in Axie Infinity.

View and download any axie’s animations!

View economic charts of Axie Infinity such as inflows to the treasury and the SLP mint/burn ratios.

Learn more about the Xmas breeding event from 2020 and why an Axie OG collects them

If you’re a guild owner, this tool allows you to monitor your players, automate cash out, and automate axie swaps.

Popular tools on include the axie inspector, the team builder, and the runes and charms explorer.

This website shows the expected cost to interact with the Ronin Bridge based on the current ETH gas fees.

Track any player with live stats from the Axie Origin Arena!

View Axie growth metrics published by Sky Mavis and updated weekly

Latest News

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