top of page has been acquired in October 2023 by a remarkable Web3 gaming venture, Divergent Yield Group!
sources are being invested to get the platform you know and love, up and running again.
Thank you for all of your support, and stay tuned for acquisition and re-launch announcements!


Save Time and Money by Managing Your Web3 Gaming Assets with VicTree

Critical portfolio management tools to make smarter investment decisions

So you can focus on what's most important: gaming

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Blockchain gaming shouldn't be this hard!

That's why we built VicTree

A comprehensive platform to manage your gaming assets, monitor game economies and marketplaces, and get exclusive data-driven insights from our team of web3 gaming experts

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Portfolio Management

We know Web3 gaming.

VicTree provides pinpoint accuracy of your assets with our game-tailored logic. Gain a complete and accurate picture of your portfolio - across multiple wallets, games, and crypto chains.

Say goodbye to generic pricing tools.

Metrics Analysis

Spending hours analyzing metrics and trends is exhausting.

Luckily we feel the pain too and built game and chain agnostic pipelines to get you the info that matters most, in real-time.

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Curated Insights

Making sense of meta changes and how that impacts marketplace activity requires industry knowledge and data savviness.

Our curated insights are updated weekly by  our team of experts so you can quickly cut through the noise.


"This team is the GOAT. With their software, we found 2 Axies tonight in an old scholar wallet worth about $800 total! Thanks for bringing me into your family!"

"First impression, this is AWESOME. I have many Axies, having them scanned for me so I can maybe list some I'm not using is INVALUABLE"

"Amazing and transparent analytics! Thank you so much for providing this! "

"Awesome analytics Vic!"


Meet the Team


Kevin Bryniczka

  • Kevin Bryniczka LinkedIn Profiles

Chief Executive Officer


Ahmed Aziz

  • Ahmed Aziz LinkedIn Profiles

Chief Product Officer

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Robert Sobolczyk

  • Robert Sobolczyk LinkedIn Profiles

Chief Technology Officer


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