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Save Time and Money by Managing Your Web3 Gaming Assets with VicTree

Critical portfolio management tools to make  smarter  investment decisions

So you can focus on what's most important: gaming

Portfolio tracking across web3 games and blockchains



Blockchain gaming shouldn't be this hard!

That's why we built VicTree

A comprehensive platform to manage your gaming assets, monitor game economies and marketplaces, and stay up-to-date on the latest crypto news

Portfolio tracking across web3 games and blockchains

Portfolio Management

We know Web3 gaming.

VicTree provides pinpoint accuracy of your assets with our game-tailored logic. Gain a complete and accurate picture of your portfolio - across multiple wallets, games, and crypto chains.

Say goodbye to generic pricing tools.

Market Analysis

Spending hours analyzing metrics and trends is exhausting.

Luckily we feel the pain too and built game and chain agnostic pipelines to get you the info that matters most, in real-time.

Web3 game market analytics and KPIs
Aggregated curated news across web3 games

Curated Newsfeed

Managing the 24/7 news cycle of NFT gaming and the constant updates is impossible.

Our curated newsfeed allows you to select which content to see, so you can build your own knowledge database.

Meet the Team


Kevin Bryniczka

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Chief Executive Officer


David Stauffer

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Chief Financial Officer


Ahmed Aziz

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Chief Product Officer

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